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Reader's View: With Trump, US finally on right path

Why do liberals continue to look down on the American people? The egos of this group are enormous. They continue to vilify anyone who voted for President Donald Trump.

Trump is our president because he offered to do something for the forgotten man. He said he would help secure our borders, reduce taxes, bring manufacturing jobs back, and make supporting America first ahead of the rest of the world.

He has done more to reduce unemployment numbers in the black and Hispanic communities, and this angers Democrats, because if people are working they are not dependent on government handouts.

The Democrats' playbook long has included racist demonization for anyone who doesn't agree with them. They use fear tactics to scare black, Hispanic, and gay and lesbian communities. They especially target senior citizens by saying the GOP will take away their Social Security and Medicare. There has never been any proof of racism by the GOP, nor has the party ever indicated it would take away Social Security. The best thing that can happen to Social Security is an increase in our workforce so more people are paying into the system.

I am truly glad Trump is our president. This country is finally on the right path. Hopefully this will continue for many years to come.

Jeannine Nordin