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Reader's View: DNR deer plan worth your read, comment

After reading Minnesota's new draft plan for white-tailed deer, I determined it doesn't really have a lot of factual data to support claims. It seems to have more to do with money than management.

I found 50 cents of every deer-license fee (raising about $300,000 annually) goes directly to the wolf-management account. Since wolves are on the Endangered Species List, the U.S. Department of Interior provides financial support and technical expertise to equip states and local communities for wolf management. Why is the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources taking deer management funds for wolves when wolves are funded by the federal government? I'm sure most deer hunters are unwilling to support a wolf-management fund.

The DNR takes a dollar per license for deer and bear management. Why should deer hunters pay for bear management? The DNR also takes 50 cents per license for the Wild Cervid Health and Emergency Deer Feeding account. The last DNR-distributed feed never made it up the North Shore where I live. The only emergency feed distributed on the North Shore was paid for and distributed by concerned area deer hunters, not the DNR.

This plan calls for stopping recreational deer feeding. If so, I hope the more than 280 licenses issued to deer farms are revoked. If recreational feeding causes deer to gather and spread disease, what happens when they are confined in a fenced area?

People have until May 9 to submit comments regarding the deer-management plan. Comments may be submitted on the DNR website. Read the draft. If you disagree with the $900,000 taken annually from deer management, say so. You can make a difference.

James Vannet

Grand Marais