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5 Christmas gifts for dog lovers

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FARGO - We all know those people. In fact, we might be those people. They treat their dog like their own child. They have pictures on their desks, bumper stickers on their car and dog presents under the Christmas tree. It’s easy enough to find gifts for your pet –most of the time, a sturdy chew toy will keep the dog happy. But what do you buy not for the dog, but the dog lover in your family?

Here are 5 gifts that are sure to please.

       Custom Made Pup Socks

Who wouldn’t want to look down and see their dog’s face on their feet everyday? That’s the thought behind custom made pup socks. Simply share a photo of your dog with the people at PupSocks and they’ll put his or her face on the socks in the color of your choice. They’ve been featured all over social media this holiday season and sell for around $30.00.

Pop Art of your Pet

Pop your Pup offers products featuring your pet transformed into pop art (Think Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can). All you do is upload a good quality photo and the artists will digitally paint your furry loved one. That image can then be used on everything from apparel to canvas wall prints. Prices vary.

       Dean Russo Dog Leggings

For those dog lovers who aren’t happy just having a simple photo of their own dog on their clothing, these Dean Russo Inspired Dog Leggings might be the ticket. Brightly colored dogs adorn the sides of the polyester/spandex leggings. They come in 58 differ breads from Akitas to Weimaraners. They normally sell for close to $100.00, but are currently 40 percent off at the The TC shop.

      Dog Bowl Water Bottle

While your dog is designed for your pet to use, dog lovers will love it’s convenience. The Dog Bowl Water Bottle from Uncommon Goods is a water bottle that you can carry with you on your walk. But the cap is designed like a bowl, so with a simple squeeze of the bottle, your dog has something to sip from. It’s only $15 and ensures your thirsty dog will have clean water to drink.


For someone who wants to go all out for the dog lover in their life, PetChatz might be a good choice. Basically, PetChatz is a small unit that fits on your wall that allows you to say “hi” to your pet while you’re away. Think Facetime. When you’re ready to talk to your dog, either go to your desktop computer or cell phone and click on the PetChatz icon. Ring the tone to alert your dog. Once the dog is looking at the camera, you can digitally dispense a treat. The unit also spritzs out essential oils for dogs more in tune with their olfactory senses. The “digital doggy daycare”  costs more than $300. Does it really work? Watch as Tracy Briggs tries it out on her neurotic dog.

Tracy Briggs

Tracy Briggs is a former TV anchor/radio host currently working as a features writer and video host for Forum Communications.

(701) 451-5632