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Bygones for Nov. 14, 2017

Richard Boo signed a lease at the Norshor Theater to show films that might not otherwise come to Duluth in the mainstream theaters. (1997 file photo / News Tribune)

Nov. 14, 1977

The Duluth City Council is coming under control of the DFL councilors who, starting in January, will hold eight of the nine seats. The DFL gained its eighth seat Nov. 8 with Wayne Gilbert's win in the at-large race for Max Rheinberger's seat.

Despite an extended deadline, 141 elementary school children still haven't complied with the Duluth public school administration's ultimatum on measles immunization. If parents don't provide proof of immunization by next week, school officials said yesterday, those students will be suspended for one day.

Nov. 14, 1997

The Norshor Theater in Duluth's Old Downtown district is about to make another metamorphosis. This week, the owners of the 87-year-old building signed a lease with Richard Boo, who will screen arty and independent films like those shown in Minneapolis' chic Uptown district.

Preparing for its 110th anniversary, the congregation of St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church in Duluth feels blessed by an outpouring of community support. Over the past year, St. Mark received $8,000 in donations to use for renovation of the building.

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