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Mentor Duluth

Micayla and Destiny. Submitted photo.

Micayla and Destiny

Mentor Duluth pairs caring adults with kids who can benefit from positive role models.

Micayla and Destiny first met during their match meeting at Washington Center in September. When first introduced, Micayla says Destiny seemed a little bit shy, but that quickly disappeared as she introduced Micayla to all her friends at the Center. Micayla says, "My favorite thing about our match is that we have both gotten to do and see new things. I took Destiny on her first hike in Chester Park, and she took me to Enger Tower for the first time."

One of our more memorable moments was Destiny's first time trying sushi. According to Micayla, "(Destiny) was so excited and the whole time we waited she was asking me questions about what college was like. At the end of it all, she was still really interested in college, but the sushi hadn't quite lived up to her expectations."