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Younkers property for sale at Miller Hill Mall

Duluth’s Younkers property is now for sale as liquidators look to wring cash from the bankrupt Bon-Ton chain of stores, which includes Younkers, Herberger’s and others. More than 230 store properties and leases have hit the market as store operations wind down through the summer, according to an announcement .

“The availability of these locations creates a wide range of possibilities for expanding retail chains, as well as developers across the entire real estate spectrum,” Andy Graiser, A&G Realty Partners co-president, said in a statement announcing the listings. “Opportunities range from traffic-driving stores, food halls and entertainment venues, to healthcare, residential, education and other non-retail uses.”

The Miller Hill Mall anchor property, at 161,000 square feet, is one of the largest the company owns. The store was slated for closure last month after Bon-Ton was unable to find a buyer that would keep the company afloat following bankruptcy proceedings.

The lease for Herberger’s in Virginia’s Thunderbird Mall is also being offered. That space is about 66,000 square feet.